Saturday, March 7, 2009

French Cardinal wins macho award

French Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois: Macho of the Year
A much-admired French Cardinal named Andre Vingt-Trois is being celebrated in France by feminists, who finally bestowed upon him the coveted ‘Macho of the Year’ award.
The feminist group called Les Chiennes de garde (The “Guard Bitches”) gave Cardinal Vingt-Trois the grand prize for remarks he made about female participation in the Catholic Church.

“The hard part is finding women who are properly trained. It’s not enough to have a skirt, you have to have something between your ears as well.”

Andre Vingt-Trois is quite correct in a literal sense.

Second prize went to a comedian named Fabrice Eboue who uttered the following quip on national TV:

“Feminism is not just for authoritarian or sexually frustrated women — it’s also for lesbians”.

When they aren’t giving awards, Les Chiennes de garde is the sort of yahoo activist group which runs around throwing pies at people.

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