Thursday, February 5, 2009

The bit that mattered has been cut out

As Steve Wilson at the Daily Telegraph noted, last night, ITV give us a break but missed Everton's winner against Liverpool
in the last minute of the game.

If ITV do the FA Cup - which this morning many dismayed viewers who stuck with the broadcaster through more than two hours of coverage last night will wish they didn't - adverts is what you get.
And missing a minute or so of the 120 on offer in Everton's FA Cup replay victory over Liverpool would have been no bad thing.....
Just, not that particular minute - the minute where the match was decided, the minute that saw the only goal of the game, the minute that mattered.

Reminds me abit of Irenaeus's comment that doctrines of the Gospel are like coloured stone mosaic - we must accept the whole thing - to take out , remove or change around what God has given and the Church has accepted for centuries is to short-change the hearer of the Gospel - and distort the message of God.

Catholic faith is not just believed by all, but all of the message that God gave in Christ.

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